Friday, 7 February 2014

Next metric for the quantified self is blood pressure

As I've previously suggested, blood pressure is one of the key body metrics; at least I track it. And it's something that up-to-this-point hasn't been addressed by wearables.

That's because it can't be easily measured in the way that say, heart rate can be: you need a proper pressure band around the upper arm, and that has to be a separate peripheral.

But it doesn't mean that companies aren't trying.

Blipcare has completed its Indiegogo funding, gaining $23,754 for what it calls the 'world's first wi-fi blood pressure'.

It uses wi-fi instead of Bluetooth so it can be used directly to the web rather than requiring an smartphone app.

More interesting from a wearables point of view, however, is the QardioArm, which takes a more conventional app-based approach, which also uploads your readings to the cloud.

It's raised $131,069 with 14 days left, with the available option being $99 with free shipping to US and UK.

Obviously, it's a wearable, although not something you wear all the time.

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