Monday, 23 December 2013

Track your alertness with the Vigo monitor

Apparently the average blink happens in 1/5th of a second but not all blinks are equal. For blinks are what wearable alertness monitor Vigo is all about.

The company is currently running a Kickstarter program - it's raised $28,603 of a total $50,000 goal with 39 days to go. It needs the cash to launch its eponymous Vigo device.

Looking - and used - just like a Bluetooth headset, it tracks your blinking with an infrared sensor and combined with an accelerometer and custom algorithm warns you when you're tired.

The call to action comes via a smartphone app (iOS or Android), where you can set up alerts ranging from vibration alerts to music tracks. Obvious usage patterns include potential dangerous activities such as driving through to important work or study events.

But more generally, Vigo will track your level of alertness over the course of a day, letting you see when your good and bad times are. Oh, and it also works as a hands-free Bluetooth headset.

Of course, the bigger issue of whether people are going to feel comfortable with something just below their eye and in their peripheral vision is yet to be concluded.

You can get on Kickstarter for $79 plus $15 for P&P if you're outside the US.

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