Thursday, 2 January 2014

Dumbing down the smart watch to the smart band with Haloband

Kickstarter seems to be the place for upstart wearable computing companies to launch.

The latest one is Chinese outfit Haloband, which describes itself as providing a way to control your smartphone with a simple wrist move.

Basically put it's a plastic band containing two NFC sensors. You use these to set up six actions via the Haloband's smartphone app.

Then you tap your phone on the sensors in sequence to trigger the action you want to perform, such as unlocking the device, launching the camera, music player etc.

As a device, it's a pretty simple one and hence is cheap at a mere $25. However, considering the complexity of new wearable devices this seems to be a backwards step, particularly when companies like Apple are likely to integrate such features directly in their devices.

For that reason, personally I think the market for standalone wearables requires more features, not less.

You can find out more via Kickstarter.

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