Monday, 6 January 2014

Pebble Steel is fool's gold

As I've always said, the issue with wearables isn't the technology or the features (although there has to be a minimum of these).

The issue is whether you actually want to wear them.

For me, the original Pebble watch was on the borderline of being wearable; slightly tacky and plastic-y, but at least it was colourful and toy-like

The new range of Pebble Steel watches - a pre-CES announcement - are truly horrible, however. Again, it's not the technology or features, it's just the look.

The Pebble is not a high-class piece of consumer electronics. It's an early adopter gadget. If I want a watch with a CNC milled steel case and Gorilla glass, I don't want a Pebble. Ugh!

Pebble Steel will be available, priced $249 from 29 January

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